Links to choral music in the winter 07 program

Dan and Susan's submissions are summarized here with links placed to the right hand side below.  Note that most are midi, but one is a Sibelius (.sib) file.

08 Psallite, Praetorius in G.sib
09 Alleluia, Boyce.mid
10 O Virtue Sapientiae, Bingen.mid
18 Bon jour, bon mois, Dufay.mid
02 O magnum mysterium, Victoria, f minor.mid
03 Cantate Domino, Hassler - D major.mid
06 Gloria, Dufay C major.mid
07 Non nobis Domine, Byrd.mid

1. Creator of the Stars of Night

2. O Magnum Mysterium     choral    many score/MIDI editions  O magnum mysterium, Victoria, f minor.mid  

3. Cantate Domino  multiple score/MIDI editions                        Cantate Domino, Hassler - D major.mid  

4. Remember   multiple score/MIDI editions

5. El Desembre congelat   

6. Gloria   a few editions, one MIDI                                            Gloria, Dufay C major.mid  

7. Non Nobis Domine   multiple score/MIDI editions                    Non nobis Domine, Byrd.mid  

8. Psallite    a few scores/ one MIDI                                             Psallite, Praetorius in G.sib    

9. Alleluia   two score/MIDI editions                                             Alleluia, Boyce.mid  

10. O Virtus Sapientiae   our one arrangement - score/MIDI          O Virtue Sapientiae, Bingen.mid         2nd version PDF   

       NWC version                  full score MIDI              soprano/alto MIDI          tenor/bass MIDI   

       soprano only MIDI         alto only MIDI                tenor only MIDI             bass only MIDI    

11. Prithee, be not so sad

12. Cornish Wassail

13. Boar's Head Carol

14. Ave Color Vini Clari

15. To Drive the Cold Winter Away

16. Winter

17. Es ist ein Schnee    MIDI under Othmayr   

18. Bon jour, bon mois, bon an   one score/MIDI edition               Bon jour, bon mois, Dufay.mid  

19. The Old yeare now away is fled

20. Gloucestershire Wassail

21. Medieval Gloria

22. A Merry Christmas

23. Nowel syng we both al and som