"To Drive the Cold Winter Away" - Solstice Singers Winter 2012 Program

The latest version of the program: Lore with Anne's poem edits, in Word format           .DOCX           .DOC

The blocking template in Word and PDF format           .DOCX           .DOC           .PDF

Details of hall seating / platform setting / etc in Word format           .DOCX           .DOC

Raw dimensions of the hall, the platforms, the stairs in Word format           .DOCX           .DOC

What follows is all of the program in order with extra links (sheet music, audio, etc) for whatever else has them. This has been cut back to only that which we intend to use in the program - the previous music including the Y gig, etc, is still there on a different web page, but that page will not be updated. This one will be kept up to date as we have more audio, etc, to add to it.

Legend: S=core Solstice Singer group; A= alums; E=children's chorus; D=Solstice dancers; P=Passacaglia; V=Vineyard Swordfish; [name]=various solo pieces; R=Robin Hood skit; M=core men only; W=core women only

P: Instrumental

Jan: The Shortest Day

S: Dufay Gloria           PDF

E: Bells in the High Tower

S: Carol of the Bells

P: Instrumental

Poem (Emily): Awake Glad Heart           PDF

W: Nowell Out of Your Sleep           PDF (sheet music)           PDF (pronunciation)

S/E: March of the Kings           PDF

S: Coventry Carol           PDF

P: Instrumental

M: Angelica Bilta           PDF

S: Sicut Cervus           PDF           YT link another YT link

E: Winter

Poem (Susan J): A Leaf from Tree           PDF

S/A: Mon Coeur Se Recommande           PDF

Dan: To Drive the Cold Winter           PDF

S: In Dulci Jubilo           PDF


V: Sword Dance

Poem (Dan/Anne): Come Bring w Noise:           PDF

S/E: Jinkin the Jester           PDF

R/S/E: In Sherwood Livde Stout Robin Hood
          Sheet music                     PDF
          Extended lyrics with parts           PDF
          The skit, in Word format           .DOCX           .DOC

P: Instrumental

Poem (Emily): Guard the Pie           PDF

S/E/A: Boar's Head           PDF

E: Jolly Old Hawk?

S/E/A: Lord of the Dance           PDF

D/S: Masters in this Hall           PDF           MIDI

          Female Saylor dance steps

S/A: Glouchestershire Wassail           PDF

Emily: (solo)

S/A/P: Innsbruck /           PDF
           Never Weather Beaten Sail           PDF of pg 1           PDF of pg 2

S/A/E/audience: Sing Along (Shalom?)

P: Instrumental

S: Plenary (Auld Lang Syne)           PDF

Sending Poem (Barbara): Take Joy!           PDF

S/E: We Wish You a Merry Christmas           PDF